Hello Fans of Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms Inc.

Thank you for your ongoing support! As you know, we are always looking for new ways to meet our financial needs so that we can continue to provide valuable services to the community. Online fundraising is the fastest growing tool for nonprofits like ours to help make ends meet. We recently started using GlobalMojo®, a new Internet browser or add-on for Firefox that opens up a whole new way for socially conscious web users to support Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms.

GlobalMojo is free and does not require any additional financial donations – you simply browse, search and shop online like you already do, and 50 percent of the gross revenue from your online activity is donated to Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms. GlobalMojo is built upon the latest Mozilla Firefox architecture so it’s fast, safe and secure.

Show your support for Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms by using the GlobalMojo browser: //www.globalmojo.com/DirtNNails

Thank you for helping us explore this new innovative approach to fundraising with GlobalMojo!

Monte Y. Pescador
President and Founder
Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms Inc.

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