Since incorporation in 2011, we have been running primarily on volunteer power and praying for others to be led to help with the year-to-year operations of DNN. As we move forward with grant writing, we find we have a need to fill in the board with members willing to not only contribute their time and treasure, but also their talent (Romans 12:5-8).

Our current board is made up of three people, the bare minimum for incorporating, but we need more accountability and more talents than we currently have. We have a marketer and counselor, an attorney, and a networker. What we could use is a farmer or other agriculture specialist, a pastor, someone with experience in homelessness and/or running shelters, someone with experience with food banks and/or meal centers, and, most importantly at the moment, someone with experience in grant writing. We have looked at many foundation grants under the subject of agriculture alone that, together, could help us get the first farm started. Combined with grants for helping the homeless and for providing fresh food for the needy, we can definitely see this happen within the next year to two years.

Now is the time to begin. The recent article by the Denver Post showing over 20,000 students in the Denver Metro area as homeless, nearly four times the number of total homeless and nearly 6 times the number of homeless with families estimated in the 2014 State of Homelessness Report for the Denver Metro area, shows that not only do we not know the full extent of the problem, but that the homelessness problem will cycle through to the next generation if we do not find a solution to it.

What are you willing to do? What has God called you to do?

Because I know my own weakness, I do not ask you for anything more than I ask of myself, and I measure how well I do with DNN by the mission we have laid out: To become servants of Christ (Matthew 20:28, Mark 16:20); to feed the physically and spiritually hungry (Psalm 37:25, John 6:35); to shelter, clothe, and attend to the lost and suffering (John 21:15-17); and to spread the Gospel to all whom we touch along the way (Matthew 28:19-20).

I hope you join me in this pursuit.

Monte Y. Pescador
Founder and President

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