Volunteering is not an easy thing. It takes time out of our lives, and sometimes means people might actually see what we are doing. For Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms, I can pretty much assure you that people will know what you are doing for DNN because I will tell anyone who will listen. I think such work deserves to be cheered on by many.

For 2015, we are seeking the following volunteers:

Board Members: The state requires we have at least 3 board members on the Board of Directors at any one time. We have had trouble keeping someone in the third seat let alone finding more. A board member is the ultimate volunteer: He or she must attend a minimum of one board meeting a year, the annual review, and is under higher scrutiny than most anyone else with regards to their own donations and periods of volunteer work.

Grant Writers: If we had the money to pay them directly, we would. Right now we’re running out of time on a subscription to a grants database and still have no idea what we are doing. We are willing to work with these writers later regarding pay.

Photographers: We just need pictures of various things that can work on our website and social media pages including landscapes, cityscapes, community gardens, and more.

Graphic Designers: Primarily we need to get the DNN logo into a more scalable form such as PNG, but also we would like to see it worked on as a two and three color logo more appropriate for caps, t-shirts, and embroidered polo shirts. We are also willing to talk about pay for working on a logo for Homeward Bound Christian Counseling and remastering or perhaps changing the old At His Feet Cleaning Services logo into an At His Feet PBC logo.

Web Designers and Social Media Experts: Wanted to keep our presence on the Internet alive.

General Labor: Now that I’m working as a counselor for a living, I may not be able to take all of the calls for rototilling this Spring let alone next Spring. We need someone or multiple volunteers with a truck to haul the tiller around and make sure nonprofit and community gardens get tilled.

I’m sure there is more we could come up with, but these are the immediate needs for volunteers.


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