It started with a vision…

The Story of
Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms

Monte Pescador was on his second year volunteering with a community garden and wondered where the families who had been there the previous year had gone. They needed food. That is why they volunteered. So where were they? And did they know enough to grow their own food in those little apartments?

“It hit me like a lightning bolt, an image so clear. I was looking down from inside of a greenhouse where people were loading a truck up with seedlings and seeds, soil and pots, piles of instructions, all headed for food banks to teach people to grow some of their food indoors. Outside the greenhouse, acres of assorted vegetable plants were being tended to. For some reason I realized they were the homeless parents, living there temporarily on the farm to get away from the world for a moment, to heal. And I knew it wasn’t the only farm. Out in the distance I could see a Denver and the mountains beyond. We were not that far away, yet I could hear the whisper of all God had in mind, to reach the hungry and the lost. It is still clear in my head and my heart today. This is still the mission. It has to be.”

Internship 2010

Following the vision, Monte was “gently persuaded” through “coincidental events” to go to Colorado Christian University for a counseling degree, interning at Harvest Farm, an addictions recovery program run by Denver Rescue Mission in Wellington, Colorado. There, he got a first hand look at the kind of work the vision was inspiring him to do.

Since then, he has become convinced that the vision was also metaphorical. That drew him back to the book of Acts and the Epistles, that fellowship was key to recovering those who were physically, mentally, and spiritually lost and hungry.

“Counseling classes teach us to be detached from clients. Seminary and the Bible teach us we must be attached to our church family. This vision may have been a warning of what is happening now in 2022, communities tearing themselves apart and Christian fellowships breaking under the weight of the world. This is the healing that is desperately needed in the world.” – Monte Y. Pescador

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