Meals on Wheels and an update...

We try to do our best, even in the worst of circumstances, to give food where food is needed. This season we are proud to offer up this suggestion: Helping our friends at Northglenn Christian Church provide meals to those who cannot provide for themselves this Thanksgiving and Christmas as they take over the Meals on Wheels for the holidays. They have done this for a few years now and have been blessed with stories beyond measure from a grateful population of shut-ins. Come with us to IHOP for dinner, November 6, at the IHOP on 104th near Interstate 25 in Northglenn Marketplace, tell them that you are with Northglenn Christian Church, and a substantial portion of your purchase will go towards this program.

As for Dirt ‘N’ Nails, we are turning a corner just a little. The real estate market for farms is starting to open up again, certainly, but we have yet to see the support needed to purchase any of them. We need something new. With the help of a classmate, we are opening a subsidiary of DNN, Rohi Therapy, as a nonprofit counseling center working towards offering mental health services to anyone who needs it. This is how we will start off 2019 with the hope that it can also help towards building the first rehabilitation farm. A similar operation is on the east coast, a farm primarily for the mental health of anyone who comes.

Stay tuned for more as it gets going and thank you, again, for your continued support in prayer.


Monte Y. Pescador


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