Back in early 2013, after yet another year of collecting only $1000 for DNN, I felt disheartened and ready to give up.  Household bills were piling up, our adoptive son needed more and more attention, and I was standing in a supermarket waiting on a prescription and wondering what all of this, all of my life, was about.

That was the point at which the road towards At His Feet Cleaning Service started.  And for the time I worked it, I had a great time.  A demonstration downtown brought forth an opportunity to show a condominium guard that the homeless population were simply people.  The Colorado flood brought a large number of opportunities to help people.  But then the freezing weather came and the company slowly died, one problem at a time.

That was when I started realizing a few things that went wrong within me.  I had started on a path that I said was God’s will for my life, but which had more to do with me wanting money and less to do with wanting to serve God.  I had spent two years finding $1000 each year for DNN and one year not having the time to find $1 for it.  I had let the doubts of getting Dirt ‘N’ Nails started bury me.

So when At His Feet looked all but put away, I started back towards trying to figure out how to get DNN going.  Out of the blue, a donor asked if we could use a small greenhouse.  From that, we started fundraising $500 for the “first greenhouse”.  And we received it, all at once from one donor.  We went back to the greenhouse donor and found that his had accidentally been sold with his house.  For a brief moment, it looked like I had another problem.  Then I went to a store he recommended and found that we could not only get the greenhouse brand new, but because of a sale we could pick up two for the same money.

So just call me Thomas.  I doubted for a very long time.  And I cannot promise I won’t doubt again.  But at least for this moment in time I am on the right road.  Praise God.

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