Where to begin...

We ended 2017 on a very low note, having tried unsuccessfully to start a crowdfunding campaign. The big reason for the failure was the same reason we have found since founding Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms, everyone who likes us thinks it is a great idea and next to nobody wants to help get it going. Even sharing the crowdfunding campaign with friends came as only being shared by 2 people out of 200 followers maybe a total of six times each. So, maybe DNN is not as good an idea as everyone made it out to be, right?

Then things got worse.

Instead of my usual run of rototilling this year, I have been down with a bad knee since July 2017, finally getting it repaired March 2018, and am still recovering. Thankfully nobody scheduled rototilling, because even requests for help in dealing with the rototiller fell on deaf ears.

Now I don’t mean to sound bitter or cynical about any of this because there have been the usual glimmers of hope: James Klingensmith, former board member and all around great guy gave us a donation from his new home in Arizona, replacing a good portion of the donations we would normally have from rototilling. Donated seeds have been going out the door to people who need them. Aside from the setbacks, things have been going pretty close to normal for DNN in 2018.

But is “normal” good enough for God’s work?

So while getting my wife’s car worked on at Larry Miller Toyota in Boulder, I came across three trucks as possible replacements for the poor, declining Ford Ranger that currently serves as DNN’s go-to truck for moving the tiller and materials as well as moving volunteers. These three would be a pretty good size upgrade in functionality: Crew cab rather than Xtra Cab. Bigger engine for more load and towing. Two are even diesel engine pickups. And, being used, they come in under $25,000.

And yet I hold back from automatically making a crowdfunding campaign. Why? Because last time, just last year, nobody shared it and, I admit, most of the $300 raised was me donating just to make it look like we were getting somewhere.

The fact is God has set before me… before all of us… a challenge of monumental proportions and so far none of the boards and, yes, even I have not seen how we are suppose to get it done.

So as I sit here tending to my knee and hoping for a better 2019, I lay it before you again: Can we at the very least come up with enough donations to replace the truck before it dies or is 2018 the end of Dirt ‘N’ Nails Farms before it has even begun? That is the choice I am giving to you because I have no other recourse but to consider what my good friend Kat recently said to me, “Maybe God’s telling you to let go of Dirt ‘N’ Nails and do something else.”

To those who gave and helped before, I thank you all. You are worth more than I can possibly explain to God’s kingdom and to the world, especially you, James “CJ” Klingensmith. Keep up the good service, folks. Now we’ll see if DNN continues or not. It is up to you.

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